We are excited to present you the WPDating Plugin version 5.1 and the Lavish Date today. The update release of the plugin has been frequent than our previous releases but we have brought the features that a lot of our customers have requested and some more exciting ones.

Highlights of this 5.1 Version Release

Multiple Answers on Profile Questions: As you know, the dating plugin provides option to add profile questions to make your site more specific to the niche, we received requests for this so we have added it in this version. You can now have dropdown, textbox and multiple select answers for the plugin.

Improvement in the Profile Question Section Another change in this section of the plugin from this version includes the usefulness of profile question added using a new language. The profile question added for second language is also displayed and will have the same priority as well as include the same feature as that of the profile questions added in English language.

You will be able to request the download of this version of plugin from here.

Change log for Version 5.1
Fixed mobile basic search to show same results as logged in basic search
Fixed email to admin when auto authorize of profile is set on or off
Improved message reply thread/chain
Email subject is now optional when sending email
Fixed viewing own profile when privacy setting is such that profiles can be viewed by friends only
Profile Question system Improved
Added order sorting global function
Guest search result SQL synax error when country is selected is fixed

Release of Lavish Date Theme
With the release of WP Dating Plugin version 5.1, we have also launched the Premium WordPress Theme – Lavish Date as an add-on product. This will enhance the visual appeal of your dating site. This theme is also developed specifically to be used with the WP Dating Plugin. As this theme also provides space for your optimized content, you have the chances of better SEO results. You can check the demo site here.

If you have questions regarding our plugin or themes, please feel free to send us a shout-out!