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How to make your relationship successful?

A relationship is about making compromises. You should never make the mistake of always trying to win. Become his/her friend, not his wife/her husband. Cultivate patience. Learn to love your partner’s flaws. Communicate honestly. Don’t bury your emotions. Thank your partner. Tell them you love them. A surprising and unexpected tip – Pray for your partner. It sounds odd but believe us, praying about someone brings out love and care you neve expected.


New! WPDating plugin version 6.8 released

Greetings from WPDating!! WPDating facilitates dating business enthusiasts to start their own profitable dating websites without needing to write a single code.  So, through continuous efforts to provide more value to our customers, we’ve added some new features and addressed some issues as per the constructive feedback of our dating website owners.   HERE’S WHAT’S NEW: WPDating 6.8 release notes: Previously, admin did not have an option to approve photos uploaded from the partner profile of couple mode. Now, we’ve added