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How we are making Lavish Date a safe space for dating enthusiasts

We are always keen on making our dating website a safe space for any singles, and thrill-seekers. We always want to see our dating users leave our dating website with a wonderful experience. So, to ensure that experience, we take many necessary precautions: Users must be at least 18 years old to be able to use this site. Users cannot send explicit images to other users without their consent. Users should upload their clear images which must have their own


How to create a matrimonial website with WordPress

The process of finding a partner and marrying is painful and hectic. Especially South Asians and their diaspora know the pain of finding a partner. In a society, where marriage is for a lifetime, it’s a serious life decision. They have to consider their own needs as well as their parents’. Back then, all of this matchmaking used to be done by a person through word-of-mouth. With this method, the scope would be limited. A single matchmaker has limits to